Look through a pink children's glasses

Look through a pink children's glasses

Buying glasses with your daughter can sometimes be tricky. The choice in the optical store is often not wide. And then your daughter sees those bright pink kids glasses. And you think "Oh Noooo!!! Please not those Hello Kitty pink glasses with glitter!"

I speak from experience. This scenario, finding nice and affordable glasses, is recognizable to many parents. So the idea of putting cool kids glasses in the market was born.

We sell kids glasses that are designed with love, in-house, made from the strongest materials. The advantage of our online shop? You can pre-select 4 pairs of glasses that you would like to try on. Then you can be sure you're in the right place :). We make sure that the glasses are delivered to your home in our Try Me Box.

Fitting with your child is no longer a hassle. No stress in the store and you can ask your friends and family for their opinion.

And of course we also sell those pink kids glasses, but only the pink glasses that you want to look at all day long ;-)