Bluelight filter glasses for your child, is it really necessary?

Bluelight filter glasses for your child, is it really necessary?

Children are spending more and more time behind a screen. Whether that's the IWB at school, on a tablet at home, chilling out with a Netflix series or gaming.

All these screens use LED backlight which causes more light scattering making it harder for eyes to focus-they have to work extra hard to process these rays. A pair of monitor glasses with blue light filter will make your eyes feel less tired.

But whether this extra blue light is bad for the eyes has not yet been scientifically proven.

We do know that blue light is also present in daylight and plays an important role in your sleep rhythm. Light inhibits the production of melatonin, also called the sleep hormone. You therefore feel awake and alert during the day. When it gets dark in the evening, your body again produces more melatonin, and you feel tired and sleepy.

You get the idea! Those who stare into blue light for too long at night produce less melatonin. This causes you to stay awake when it's actually time to sleep. The longer you look and the shorter the distance to the light source, the greater the effect.

So blue light filter glasses can help keep children's natural sleep rhythms from being disrupted and give eyes a little more rest.

Benefits of monitor glasses:

  • Looks calmer
  • Eyes feel less tired
  • Your sleep rhythm does not get confused