kinderbril voor meisjes

Glasses for Girls

Whatever girl's glasses you're looking for - either to standout and make a statement or for a more subtle look, we've got it! Always including premium prescription lenses from €150

All our glasses are available to try at home first.

Stylish Glasses for Girls

We've got a great glasses collection for girls - something to suit all tastes. Made from sustainable materials including bio-acetate, our in-house collection is 100% kids proof. For us, t's all about the details, our glasses are both on trend, yet cute.

We know better than anyone that children's glasses have to be strong and secure. With our unique soft ear tips, you can easily bend the arm to fit snugly around the ear, feeling soft and able to withstand fun and games, even on the trampoline!

Beautiful Glasses for Girls  

When it comes to designing our frames, we like to combine classic with the latest trends, ensuring an individual look, whatever you choose.

Our girls' glasses come in rose gold, trendy lilac and of course beautiful pink. As well as black, tortoise brown or subtle light blue. You can choose from round or square frames. Or even elegant aviators, with thin lines and soft tones. We'll have you looking cool, without losing your girly flair!

Comfortable & Strong

Children's glasses need to be play proof. We make our glasses with the finest materials including super strong titanium and bio-acetate, plus flexible titanium hinges, making them stronger. 

A good fit is crucial. A sufficiently large contact area, on the bridge of the nose, prevents slipping and unpleasant pressure points.  

Adjusting children's glasses  

All of our glasses have unique ear tips, which are easy to adjust on your own. The insides are made from flexible but sturdy titanium and the outside soft silicone. Tip: change to suit you from a variety of fun colours. Read more about Adjust your frame yourself

Our unique, hypoallergenic metal children's frames, are made completely from titanium - including the nose pads! Another bonus, the nose pads can be adjusted to suit individual needs, ensuring they stay put, even during sports and on warm days! 

Girls prescription glasses

All our children's glasses, whatever the prescription, are made using the highest quality lenses - they're all anti-reflective, UV filtered, scratch resistant and thinned. If you're looking for extra thin lenses because of a higher prescription, or because you want the lightest lenses possible, then we have just the thing for you - our ultra-thin Superb lenses.  

All our children's glasses can be ordered as Screen Protection Glasses. Equipped with a special blue light filter they are ideal for those who love their screen time.

Buying girl's glasses online

Buying children's glasses online can seem a little strange. Just like with shoes, you want to try them first.

With the Try Me Box you and your daughter can choose 4 pairs of glasses to try on at home. Model your try-out glasses to your friends and family in a relaxed manner.

Sizing depends on the width of her face. Age is only an indication. We've put together a guideline to help get get you started:

S - suitable for approximately 4 - 7 years

S/M - suitable for approx. 6 - 9 years

M - suitable for approx. 7 - 10 years

M/L - suitable for approx. 8 - 11 years

L - suitable for approx. 9 - 13 years

After you've chosen your favourite frame, we'll fit the lenses and deliver the complete glasses to your home. For any questions, please contact us by phone or email. App +31 23 700 9712