Made to last longer
We use the very best, strongest materials for our frames and lenses. Should something go wrong despite this, please read our guarantee policy.


We offer a 2-year warranty. This period starts on the day you receive the glasses from us. Are your glasses broken, or is there something else wrong with them? Please contact us. Together with our team, we will find a good solution.

Should your glasses break down during normal use and within the guarantee period, you are entitled to have them repaired or - if this is not possible - replaced. If your glasses are repaired or replaced during the guarantee period, the guarantee does not start again. For example, if we replace your glasses after 1 year because they broke, you still have 1 year's warranty on your new glasses.  

In more detail

What is covered by the product warranty?
In case of manufacturing or material defects from the factory, we will repair or replace your glasses. The product warranty does not apply if any of the following applies;

  • Your glasses have been deliberately damaged or neglected
  • Your glasses have not been used properly or carelessly
  • Your glasses are damaged because they have not been cleaned as described in our advice
  • Your glasses have normal wear or user damage (such as scratches on the lenses) In case of loss or theft
  • If you have glasses fitted in your frame somewhere other than at Junior & Junior
  • If your glasses are damaged after two years, and they can't be repaired, unfortunately we can't replace them. Maybe it really is time for a new pair?

I want to make use of my guarantee
Are your spectacles broken and is it not user damage or damage caused by your own fault? Then of course you can utilize the guarantee. E-mail us with your order number. Help us by describing the problem as well as possible, and especially add pictures to clarify. We will then immediately look for a good, appropriate solution.

Can I have my broken glasses repaired by you?
If your glasses are broken and this is covered by the guarantee, we will repair or replace them free of charge. In other cases, we always try to help you as much as possible as well. Read here about how this works.