As Junior & Junior BV ("we", "our", "us", Junior & Junior) we own the website and we consider your privacy to be important. We process personal and other data carefully and in compliance with applicable laws and regulations to protect your privacy. Below is what you can expect from us and what rules we adhere to.


This privacy statement is from Junior & Junior BV, with registered office in Haarlem at Klein Heiligland 84, registered in the Commercial Register of the Chamber of Commerce under number 78625475.
This statement applies to all processing of personal data, both online and offline. It concerns the processing of personal information provided by customers, as well as data obtained from visits to and the use of Junior & Junior's website and webshop.

Data processing

We process personal data to provide a good product or service. But also to improve the user experience of our website and to match the preferences of visitors as closely as possible. We only process data insofar as this is necessary in the relevant situation. 

We collect and process personal data such as name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, name and date of birth (not compulsory), password, medical data (e.g. eye measurement prescription data), bank account/credit card data.

The name and date of birth of the person (often a child) for whom the product is customised is requested at check-out. This is not mandatory. These data are only used for a birthday moment (mail) and for communication regarding delivery of the product. These data are not provided to third parties for commercial purposes.
Personal data is collected via the website when you sign up for our newsletter, when you create an account or when you place an order via our webshop. In some cases, we may use the services of third parties to enrich data if it is incomplete or to check it, for example when you move the house.

Financial data and data relating to a transaction, purchase or payment, are collected to execute the agreement (purchase in the webshop). These data are not provided to third parties for commercial purposes.

Use by Minors
Although the products are intended for children, our services are not intended for use by persons under the age of 16 without parental or guardian supervision.
If you provide us with personal data about another person (such as your child or client), you hereby declare that you are authorised to do so and that you allow us to use this information in accordance with this Privacy Policy.
If your child has provided us with personal data unexpectedly, and you would like the personal data in question to be deleted, please contact us at

Processors and third parties
We engage service providers for the performance of our services. The data provided is stored, and data processing agreements are also concluded with these third parties.
Personal data will not be passed on to third parties that do not have an adequate level of protection and do not comply with the other obligations of the AVG. 


E-mail & Newsletter
If you have provided your e-mail address, you will be informed about your order and the ordering process by e-mail.
If you have subscribed to our newsletter, we will send you information about our latest collection, tips & tricks related to wearing glasses and special offers.
If you would like to receive fewer emails or no more newsletters, you can unsubscribe from these emails at any time using the unsubscribe option in every message you receive.

Social media
We are active on various social media channels. The Junior & Junior accounts on Facebook and Instagram are managed from our office in Haarlem.
We do not create specific target groups by uploading email addresses from our database to Facebook. If you want to know why you are shown a particular Junior & Junior ad on Facebook, you can click on the ad. Facebook provides insight into why you are shown an ad. You can also use the settings of Facebook to manage your advertising preferences.

Photos and visual material

Regarding photographs used for advertising purposes, Junior & Junior makes use of a so-called quitclaim agreement. This means that permission is obtained for taking the photographs and publishing them on the website or other marketing communications.

Your rights

Changing or deleting data - By sending an e-mail to hello@juniorandjunior, you can request that the data we collect about you be changed. You can also request to have your data removed. Please provide the mail with your full name, address, telephone number and e-mail address.

Access and Portability - You can request to see the information we collect about you at any time.
We are obliged to verify your identity before we can proceed to remove your personal data from our records or provide insight into the data we collect. For this reason, we will contact you by telephone. Some information cannot be deleted, for example in the case of the seven-year obligation to retain it for tax purposes.

Revocation of consent
At any time, you can revoke any consent given to Junior & Junior for certain processing (e.g. for our newsletter). 


We use cookies and similar techniques to make our website and mailings more personal and user-friendly, and to show you relevant ads on other websites by analysing your visitor behaviour. Cookies are used to save your settings and to better adapt the content to your preferences.
In addition, cookies are placed for sharing information via social media, watching YouTube videos and showing relevant ads on Google and social media.

What are cookies?
Cookies are small text files that are temporarily placed on your PC, tablet or mobile phone by an internet page. We use different types of cookies:

  • Necessary cookies (functional cookies and Google Analytics)
  • Optimisation cookies (Hotjar)
  • Social media cookies (share buttons and Youtube videos)
  • Marketing cookies (ads on Google and social media)
Below you can read which cookies we use and their functionality.

Necessary cookies
Functional cookies
Junior & Junior places cookies to see whether a web visitor has accepted the cookies, to remember the products in your shopping cart in our webshop and to enable the layout of the website.

Google Analytics
Junior & Junior uses Google Analytics to collect information such as the date and time that someone visits our website and which pages they view. We use this data to improve our website, to compile 'traffic' statistics and to measure the popularity of the various sections of the site. We only use this data in aggregate and cannot trace it back to a computer or individual.

Optimisation cookies

Hotjar cookies
Junior & Junior uses Hotjar cookies to gain better insight into the visitor behaviour on the website. For example, tracking click and scroll behaviour of visitors and monitoring the dropout during and duration of certain registration processes.
We use this data only in aggregate and cannot trace it to a computer or individual. Based on this information, we make our website more user-friendly.

Social media cookies

Share buttons
On our websites, we display buttons with links to the social networks Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Instagram, so that you can easily share our news with friends. These share buttons are not pieces of code from the social media themselves and do not use cookies.

YouTube videos
We display YouTube videos on our websites. These videos are pieces of code (embeds) from YouTube itself and use cookies. These cookies also register the number of views of these videos. We have no influence on these cookies and refer for more information to YouTube's privacy guidelines.

Personalisation of advertising
Junior & Junior uses retargeting on its websites. We use this technique to make the internet offer even more interesting for you. This enables us to offer internet users who have previously shown interest in our products on other websites relevant advertising.
We are convinced that the display of personalised advertising is more interesting to the Internet user than advertising that is not relevant to the user. The display of these advertisements on partner sites is done with the help of cookies and the analysis of previous user behaviour.

Ads on social media
Junior & Junior uses the so-called Facebook Pixel and the LinkedIn Insight Tag for remarketing and conversion tracking.
These are pieces of JavaScript code that can track which pages Junior & Junior visitors view. This allows us to measure the use of our website and to get to know our target groups. For example, visitors who have previously visited our website may be shown an advertisement on Facebook or LinkedIn. Our ads can also be shown to similar target groups who have not yet visited our website.In addition, the
from Facebook and LinkedIn can be tracked. This enables us to measure and fine-tune our advertising campaigns. This enables us to advertise on social media in a more effective and targeted way.
When sending mailings, we use a system that provides insight into how e-mails are opened (open and click behaviour). This data is also used to optimise the content of our mailings.


Junior & Junior has taken appropriate technical and organisational measures to protect personal data against loss or any form of unlawful processing. In this way, we ensure that personal data is only accessible to employees who are authorised to do so by virtue of their position and that personal data is only used for the purposes for which it was obtained and compatible purposes. Junior & Junior does not store personal data longer than necessary for the purposes for which they were obtained.
We use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), a protocol that guarantees privacy for communication on the Internet and is designed to prevent eavesdropping, interference or forgery of messages, to protect sensitive information online and to protect user information offline. If you are on a secure page such as our payment form, your browser should indicate that you are on a secure site. 

Questions or complaints

Junior & Junior reserves the right to make changes to this privacy statement. Therefore, please read this statement regularly. If you have any questions or comments about this policy, please contact us at
Version: 4 January 2021