If you know your glasses prescription or do not need a prescription, buying glasses is as easy as buying jeans online. No more stress in your search for the perfect pair of glasses, just sit down and try them on together at home when it's convenient.

Order directly or rather try one on first?

Choose a pair of cool glasses
Browse the collection for boys & girls. Make your shortlist based on our size description and shop the look that suits you.

Fill in your glasses prescription
We make it as easy as possible during the ordering process and help you step by step to fill in the glasses prescription correctly. If all goes well, you have already received it from an eye care specialist. Read here more about understanding your glasses prescription.

Or try them at home first?
If you cannot choose immediately or are unsure about the right size, choose 4 pairs of glasses and have them delivered to your home in our Try Me Box. Send your package back after a maximum of 5 days (with all frames, including your favorite). You will receive a brand-new pair of glasses! Ordering is effortless via the website.

Order and receive your new glasses
As soon as you have ordered the glasses, our specialists will get to work.
The delivery time of the glasses depends on your glasses' recipe. Glasses with more complex lenses take a bit longer to make than glasses with simple lenses. Please consider a delivery time between 6-9 days.

Need help?
If you can't find it, mail or call/WhatsApp +31 23 700 9712, we'll be happy to help.