Kids sunglasses

Totally on trend, our kids sunglasses are comfortable, stay put and offer maximum protection against the sun. Allowing carefree days playing in the sun!

Always including premium prescription lenses from €150

Children's sunglasses

UV radiation is not only harmful for the skin, but also for the eyes! The younger the child, the more vulnerable their eyes are.

Why sunglasses for your child?

When it comes to light and UV radiation children are more vulnerable than adults, thanks to larger pupils and less protective pigment in their eyes. Those with blond hair and blue, light grey and green eyes are especially sensitive to bright sunlight, as more light passes through the iris.

Protect their eyes

Good sunglasses are really important for children! The younger the child, the more vulnerable the eyes. When choosing sunglasses, make sure they offer 100% UV protection and fit comfortably (otherwise your child will never wear them). Did you know that all our glasses are made with bendable soft arms, meaning they can be adjusted perfectly, cuddling the ear for a snug fit?! 

Sunglasses with prescription

Do you want the children's sunglasses with prescription lenses, no problem! All our frames can be ordered with prescription sunglasses. Did you know that we offer a € 50 discount if you buy 2 pairs of prescription sunglasses? That also applies to children's sunglasses!
We also have a small selection of non-prescription sunglasses available. Great quality frames with the right UV protection. 💛