Our spectacles are made especially for children. We use top-quality materials that are suitable for very intensive use: from the playground to behind a laptop. That being said, even extremely tough glasses need to be looked after properly. We give you tips & tricks.

Take Care,

Be kind to your glasses
Critical: you should never lay your glasses down on their lenses, as this could damage them. Be sure to explain this to your child as soon as you get the glasses. Using them as a sand shovel, putting them in the back of the locker at school without a cover or sitting on them with your full weight are all bad ideas ;-)

On the go
Are you taking your glasses somewhere? Then protect them in the super-soft Junior & Junior pouch. Prefer a hard spectacle case? Hema or Flying Tiger have all sorts, with cool prints.

Putting the glasses on and taking them off
Always put the glasses on with two hands and hold them by the arms. Almost all our glasses have flex springs, which makes putting on and taking off extra easy.

Clean glasses are more comfortable
Significant for good vision: clean glasses! You can clean your glasses while you are on the road with a Junior & Junior lens cloth, which we supply as standard. This cloth can be washed in the washing machine at 60 degrees so that you can always clean your glasses with a clean cloth.

Washing & Polishing
It is a good idea to wash the glasses at least twice a week with lukewarm water and a drop of ph-neutral soap. Never use soap with lemon because it can damage your frame. Hand soap is too greasy, so it is not suitable. There are also special cleaning sprays for glasses.

Use a hydrophilic or cotton cloth to dry the glasses. Never use a paper kitchen roll or something made of wool because it scratches!