Spectacle lenses for children are always made of plastic. They are light and extremely safe. All our lenses have an extra hard protective layer to minimise scratching. Find out which lens is best for your child.


We like to keep it transparent, simple & clear. We only go for very nice glasses. No "entry-level" lenses, then. You just want the best for your child.

Stunning Glasses 1.6 - Always including €0
Beautiful thin glass and nice and lightweight, so that it sits comfortably and looks very nice.

Superb Glasses 1.67 - set for €50
Wafer-thin and therefore even lighter. Highly recommended when your child has a higher strength than +/-4 or high cylinder (+2 or -2). 

Brilliant lenses 1.74 - set for €100
The thinnest lenses available, extra toughened and ultra-thin 1.74 indices. Superior anti-pollution and antifog coating. We make these glasses in all possible strengths. From +/-6 a must to avoid distortion of the eyes!

Included as standard

Optimal protection. All our glasses are fitted with a standard;

  • Extra protective hard coating against scratches. They are therefore dirt and water-repellent.
  • Have an anti-reflective layer so that the glasses do not reflect. This looks more peaceful and attractive. This is also safer (in traffic, for example) because it provides more contrast and therefore better vision.
  • 100% UV filter at the back of the lens. This prevents the UV rays from being reflected into the eyes from this side, which would happen if it were fitted on the front.