We get it...children's glasses often have to endure a little more than the average adult's frame. Even though we make strong spectacles, it can, of course, happen that even Junior & Junior spectacles run into problems. In that case, we will gladly solve this for you. 

Oops-proof Service

Directly upon purchase of the glasses (or within 30 days), you can choose to take out an "Oops Proof Service" for €25 per year. This entitles you to substantial discounts on repairs or glass replacements, for example. Read more about how this service works.


Is this covered by the product warranty?

In case of production or material defects, we will repair or replace your glasses. The product warranty does not apply if the glasses have been damaged intentionally or the dog has got hold of them :). In that case, we have prepared a service menu.

Service menu

If you do not have Oops Proof Service, you can also simply come to us. We can replace glasses or frames if necessary.

Set of new Stunning glasses €80
Set of new Superb glasses €110
Frame Bio Acetate replaced €79
Frame Titanium replaced €99
Nose pads replaced €40
Simple repairs €20
*Prices do not include shipping costs 

Also check our Oops-proof Service

Acetate is a natural product that will dry out over time. Therefore, there is a chance that the frame will break when we replace the glasses. If the glasses are less than 2 years old and this happens, we replace the frame (in consultation) at our expense. If the glasses are older than 2 years, we only pay the costs for the replacement of the glasses, and we will reach out to you. 

I need service
E-mail us. Help us by describing the problem as well as possible, and especially add photos for clarification. Clearly state your order number and name. We will then immediately look for a good, appropriate solution.