Everyone has a different face shape and a different taste. Some faces are narrower, others wider. The most important thing is that the glasses fit well. With this in mind, we designed all of our spectacles one by one.

Tips & tricks

Some people like their glasses small, others like them oversized. But roughly speaking, the glasses should not be much wider than the face. It is best if your eyes are as centrally located in the lens as possible. So, your pupils look through the middle of the glass.

Welke maat bril heb ik nodig

Do you already have glasses?
Maybe you already have glasses, then it is easy. Often the size is on the inside of the leg. For example, 44-16-130. That may not mean anything to you, but it does to us. 44 is the width of the glass, in millimetres. 16 is the width of the bridge of the nose of your glasses and 130 is the length of the leg, also in millimetres. With these measurements, you can decide which of our glasses you want to try. A size jump in glasses is in millimetres, so if you are looking for something bigger, you often go from e.g. glass width 44 to 46.

Mouad is wearing the Arizona M/L & Fedde is wearing the Lyon Chocolate S/M

Age of your child
Compare it to clothes. Sometimes your child is a size up or not yet. For example, a pair of glasses might fit a 6-year-old boy, but it might also fit a 10-year-old girl.

To understand the total width of the frame, count the glass size twice and the nose size once. Thus, we determine whether a frame is an S or an L. The bigger, the wider. The length of the legs are less leading because they are designed by us in such a way that you can easily adjust them.

Here are our guidelines to help you on your way!

S - suitable for approx. 4 - 7 years
S/M - suitable for approx. 6 - 9 years
M - suitable for approx. 7 -10 years
M/L - suitable for approx. 8 - 11 years
L - suitable for approx. 9 - 13 years

Small, Medium or Large?
Often your child will fit more than one size, so you may have to decide whether to go for S/M or M. In general, Large sunglasses are for older children.

Choice stress? No worries. You can try on our glasses in the comfort of your own home with the Try Me Box.